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Expert Pool Repair in San Diego

We have over 35 years of combined experience repairing pools & spas.


Our certified technicians can diagnose and repair the problem quickly.

Please give us a call for some friendly and expert help!  


We service all of San Diego County

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 We are authorized and certified Pentair Dealers

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​Automated Pool Control Systems

Regardless of your control system type, we can repair it or tune it up.  For new systems, we feature the famous Pentair line of pool automation.  It allows total control of all you pool features and systems automatically with options to control everything from a wireless remote control or you mobile phone.  In our opinion, Pentair is the best made and most user friendly of all the pool control systems. 

Energy Saving Pumps

Save up to $100 per month off your electrical bill.  Pentair variable speed energy saving pumps run on significantly less electricity.  Most often, you can also increase your savings due to recurring rebate programs that are available.  

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Efficient Pool & Spa Heaters

Pool heater not working properly?  We can repair or replace it fast with a highly efficient Pentair MasterTemp Heater.  This model works with either natrual gas or propane.  

Pool & Spa Filters

Your pool filter is the heart of your system and keeps your water clean and bright.  If it's not functioning properly, we can repair your exiting filter or replace it with a new high efficiency model.  We recommend the QuadDE, FNS Plus, FNS or Clean & Clear models form Pentair.

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Color Changing and White LED Pool Lights

New color changing LED lights allow you to customize your enjoyment of your pool and spa.  The light color can easily be controlled from you mobile phone or wireless remote control.  These lights use significantly less electricity and allow you to keep you pool light on for an extended time for a much lower cost.  This actually becomes a significant feature of you landscaping at night.

Pool & Spa Salt Systems

Salt systems allow you enjoy your pool or spa more.  They make the water feel softer and reduce the "chlorine smell".  It also allows for keeping the chlorine level lower and constant instead of the yo yo effect when chlorine is added only once per week during the pool service.

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Automated Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners are an excellent way to prolong the life of you pool finish.  They remove dust, debris and leaves quickly to greatly reduce staining of you pool surface.  In our humble opinion, the best cleaner on the market is the Pentair Rebel.  It works well in all types of pools, has fewer moving parts and is easy to service.  Its the only one we would have in our pool.

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