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Pool Service in San Diego

Tired of your pool man not showing up .... or only spending 5 minutes at your pool?

Get a sparkling clean pool from a company you can trust.

Give us a call today.  We service all of San Diego County.

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​Our Weekly Pool Cleaning Steps

We are proud to include all the following steps on our weekly pool cleaning visits:

  • Netting the debris from the water and pool surface

  • Brushing the tile, pool steps and ledges with a nylon brush

  • Removing the debris from all traps (skimmer, pump basket & in line cleaner basket)

  • Vacuuming the pool as necessary

  • Adjusting the PH, Alkalinity, and Chlorine Levels to keep your water safe

  • Re starting the system to ensure continued proper operation

  • Communicating with you if there is something you need to know about

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Other Available Services


Pool filters keep your water clean and safe. They should be cleaned every six months or more often if the filter pressure climbs more than 10 lbs above the reading immediately after it is cleaned.   Properly cleaning a filter involves completely disassembling the internal parts, thoroughly cleaning the parts, inspecting them for any problems, repairing or replacing components if problems are found, re assembling the filter and testing it.

Salt Cell Cleaning / Maintenance

Salt cells require maintenance every 3 months. The salt generating cell should be disassembled and cleaned of any calcium deposits to keep them operating at proper efficiency. A little known fact – salt cells have a limited life of about 5 – 8 years. Once this period of time passes, the cell needs to be replaced to keep the system working properly.

Tile Cleaning

Even with weekly pool cleaning, tile can tend to get dirty over time. We often give the tile a concentrated cleaning to help restore most of its original luster. Tile also tends to gather calcium deposits when the water hardness exceeds 500 ppm. Calcium deposits cannot normally be controlled with weekly brushing but can be removed by the “bead blasting” method. The best way to keep your tile from developing white calcium deposits is to either reduce the hardness of your water or install a system to keep the calcium in solution.

Green Pool Clean Up

Green Pool? No problem … we can clean it up. From green to clean most times without having to change the water.

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